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WDD Investigation

GWG L Bonds

Williams Dirks Dameron and its co-counsel are investigating L Bonds issued by GWG Holdings, Inc. In 2022, GWG defaulted on the bonds leaving bondholders with worthless investments.


WDD believes that broker-dealers who sold the GWG L Bonds knew or should have known that the GWG L Bonds were inappropriate investments for their clients. Had these broker-dealers conducted even basic due diligence, then they would have discovered that GWG was passing investor money to Beneficient—a startup “alternative asset” firm with no track record of performance.


WDD believes that at least 37 broker-dealers were selling GWG L Bonds, including the following:


  • Western International Securities

  • Centaurus Financial

  • Emerson Equity

  • Coastal Equities, Inc.

  • Great Point Capital

  • National Securities Corporation

  • Dempsey Lord Smith

  • TFS Securities

  • Intervest International Equities


If you purchased GWG L Bonds from these or any other broker-dealer, contact us to learn more. You can reach Williams Dirks Dameron at or 816-945-7110.


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