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Williams Dirks Dameron has successfully prosecuted cases on behalf of consumers in courts across the country as well as in arbitrations.


Our firm regularly represents consumers in a wide variety of cases including:

  • fraudulent marketing

  • products liability

  • insurance coverage

  • unlawful fees and billing

  • privacy disputes


We understand that sometimes you have been harmed but that the amount you are asking for is too small to bring your own individual case. The solution? A class action lawsuit can help balance the scales by joining the many consumers or workers together against a large company. 

Oftentimes, unfair bills, defective products, and unpaid wages can be brought together with the claims of others. The important thing to remember in these unjust situations is that there is help. 


Williams Dirks Dameron regularly represents investors who have been harmed by the conduct of their advisors or other individuals. Primarily we represent investors in two types of disputes:

  • disputes with the company itself for fraud or other misconduct

  • disputes with the investor's broker for "churning" or recommending unsuitable investments

Disputes with the Company Itself

Private and public companies may engage in fraud or other misconduct. Private placements in particular may be subject to heightened risks that the prospectus or offering documents are not truthful, or that the venture will be mismanaged. Whether the company is private or public, we are able to represent investors to help them recover. 

Disputes with the Investor's Broker

We represent investors in disputes with their brokers where the brokers has "churned" a file, meaning the broker has generated trades in order to garner a larger commission. We also represent investors where the broker has recommended investments that are not suitable for the particular investor's risk profile.


We also represent corporate and institutional investors who have been the victim of misconduct. Whether it's a partner company in a joint venture or a pension fund, we have the expertise necessary to prosecute cases on behalf of any investor. 

Williams Dirks Dameron
Contingency Fee Model 

Williams Dirks Dameron represents clients on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not bill clients by the hour. Instead our clients pay no legal fees unless we ultimately recover money for the client. This contingency model where we get paid only if our client gets paid, aligns our interests with our clients' interest - interests that maximize recovery as efficiently as possible.


To learn more about our consumer protection or investor practice, contact Matt Dameron






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