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Williams Dirks Dameron represents employees in several scenarios, including claims for unpaid wages, discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and whistleblowing, all on a contingency basis. Our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for employees whose rights have been violated.

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Williams Dirks Dameron represents both individuals and classes of employees who are not being paid properly. 

How are employees improperly paid?

Employers wrongfully steal wages from employees in two primary ways:

  1. Classifying employees as salaried employees when they should be entitled to overtime; and

  2. ​Refusing to pay employees for time they work, including "off the clock" work.

What employees are improperly paid?

These violations can occur in any industry, including "white collar" jobs. However, certain industries are particularly prone to wage violations. Some of the jobs that are most often improperly paid are:

  • Underwriters (mortgage and insurance)

  • Waiters and Bartenders (excessive sidework and tip sharing violations)

  • Unpaid interns

  • Financial Analysts

  • Commissioned Salespeople (retail stores, etc.)

  • Assistant Managers (retail stores, restaurants, etc.)

  • IT Workers (consultants, trainers, etc.)

  • Help Desk and Troubleshooting Workers

  • Call Center Workers

  • Independent Contractors in all fields

  • Installers (furniture, cable, windows and doors, etc.)

  • Delivery Drivers

  • Home Healthcare Workers who are LPNs

  • Insurance Coders

Williams Dirks Dameron
Contingency Fee Model 

Williams Dirks Dameron represents clients on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not bill clients by the hour. Instead our clients pay no legal fees unless we ultimately recover money for the client. This contingency model where we get paid only if our client gets paid, aligns our interests with our clients' interest - interests that maximize recovery as efficiently as possible.


If you believe your employer is wrongfully failing to pay you, you are being or have been retaliated against, harassed or discriminated against at work, or you are a whistleblower, contact Carlos Flores to learn more. 






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