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At Williams Dirks Dameron, most of our cases are referred to us by other attorneys and law firms. These referrals include corporate and institutional clients who have a specific litigation need, or clients who needs may be outside the particular practice area of the referring attorney. 

Referraks to Williams Dirks Dameron can take many forms. For example, in addition to straight referrals where Williams Dirks Dameron takes the primary lead role in the litigation, the firm also welcomes co-counsel and joint venture opportunities with other law firms where the referring firm remains actively involved through the litigation as co-counsel.

We greatly appreciate the confidence and trust that other attorneys have placed in us to handle their clients’ cases.  
We are proud that we have successfully litigated hundreds of cases for other attorneys, and we value the relationships that we have developed.


Our resources and experience allow us to handle a wide variety of complex, resource-intensive cases on contingency and hybrid fee models. Because of our backgrounds, we are uniquely qualified to handle these disputes. Read more about who we are

Our Fee Model

We normally represent clients on a contingency fee or hybrid fee arrangement, meaning that we do not recover our full fee unless the matter is successful. This fee structure makes our firm well-suited to represent clients who are unable or unwilling to pay traditional hourly rates for attorney services.

Also, because we bear the risk of the litigation’s success, we will be fully committed to your client’s success, and we will invest the necessary time and effort to bring any case to a successful resolution.


We all began our careers at large firms and have all handled complex litigation in a wide variety of fields. Our diverse backgrounds and expertise mean that your cleint will be well-represented with the highest degree of skill. 

Fee-Sharing With Other Counsel

Our referral relationships adhere to the strictest standards of legal ethics. We endeavor to work out a fee-sharing agreement in every case that is completely satisfactory to the referring attorney and consistent with the Code of Professional Responsibility.


If you have a potential referral to discuss, contact Matt Dameron






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