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Return of Deposited Item Fee ("Bounced Check Fee") Investigation

WDD Investigation

Williams Dirks Dameron has launched a new investigation into banks that are improperly charging a Return of Deposited Item fee. Banks charge these fees when their customers receive and deposit checks with insufficient funds ("bounced checks"), even though the bank's customer did nothing wrong. Please contact us if your bank has charged you a Return of Deposited Item fee; we can provide more information at that time. 

Contact Matt Dameron at or (816) 945-7110.

Williams Dirks Dameron
Contingency Fee Model 

Williams Dirks Dameron represents clients on a contingency basis, meaning that we do not bill clients by the hour. Instead our clients pay no legal fees unless we ultimately recover money for the client. This contingency model where we get paid only if our client gets paid, aligns our interests with our clients' interest - interests that maximize recovery as efficiently as possible.






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