Williams Dirks Dameron Investigates LeafFilter Installer Wage Claims

Williams Dirks Dameron is investigating claims on behalf of installers for LeafFilter. We are investigating whether installers who are classified as "independent contractors" are misclassified because they are in fact "employees" who are entitled to overtime premiums and minimum wage protections.


The FLSA requires employers to pay applicable overtime and minimum wages to individuals who are misclassified as independent contractors. To determine whether a worker is misclassified, courts look to several factors to determine the "economic realities" surrounding the relationship, such as the amount of control the employer has and the nature of the work performed.


If you worked as an installer and worked overtime hours for which you were not paid an overtime premium and would like to discuss our investigation, please contact Courtney Stout by emailing cstout@williamsdirks.com or by calling 816-945-7110.