Hip Implant Investigation

Williams Dirks Dameron is investigating claims concerning complications from implants used in hip surgeries.  There are two types of hip surgeries that may involve medical device implants:

  • A hip repair surgery is often referred to as a “hip fixation” or “hip pinning” surgery.

    • In this procedure, a doctor implants metal nails, rods, screws, or plates into the hip bone to hold the fracture together while it heals.

    • The nail used in a hip pinning surgery is sometimes referred to as the Trochanteric Fixation Nail (“TFN”) system, which is manufactured by Depuy Synthes. There are other brands as well, including the Gamma Nail manufactured by Stryker.

    • Some complications from this surgery include breakage and/or slippage of the nail. A patient will experience pain from a broken hip nail and will likely need a second, revision hip surgery both to remove the nail and fix the hip fracture.

  • A hip replacement surgery is also known as a “hip arthroplasty” surgery.

    • This procedure involves using metal, ceramic or plastic prosthetic parts to replace the ball at the upper end of the thigh bone (femur) and resurfacing the hip socket in the pelvic bone.

    • Certain manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip implants have agreed to pay billions in settlements in hip recall lawsuits due to a product defect that allows metal shavings and dust to be released into nearby tissues and blood. This can lead to painful side effects, including severe inflammation, cobalt poisoning, metallosis, metal in the blood, and bone loss.

    • Metal-on-metal hips include models from DePuy ASR, Depuy Pinnacle, Zimmer, Stryker and others.

If you have experienced complications after a hip repair or hip replacement surgery, you may be entitled to compensation.  Please contact us at (816) 945-7110 or hipnailimplant@williamsdirks.com