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WDD Investigation


Williams Dirks Dameron is investigating claims concerning Syngenta and Corteva’s inflated and anticompetitive pricing of certain Crop Protection products.


The Federal Trade Commission has accused industry leaders, Syngenta and Corteva of inflating crop protection product prices by paying its distributers to exclude sales of cheaper alternative products in order to maintain a monopoly and inflate prices.


The Crop protection products at issue go by numerous brand names and are formulations with the following active ingredients:

  • Azoxystrobin – a broad spectrum fungicide. Brands include:

    • Heritage

    • Abound

    • Dynasty

    • Quadris

    • Vibrance

  • Mesotrione – a popular corn herbicide. Brands include:

    • Callisto

    • Lumax

    • Lexar

    • Zemax

  • Metolachlor – a widely used herbicide used on numerous crops. Brands include:

    • Bicep

    • Dual

  • Rimsulfuron – a widely used herbicide used on several crops. Brands include:

    • Dupont Resolve

    • Matrix

    • Resolve

  • Oxamyl – An insecticide and nematicide used on several crops. Brands include:

    • Vydate

    • Dupont Oxamyl

  • Acetochlor – An herbicide used on corn and other crops. Brands include:

    • Breakfree

    • Surpass

    • Keystone

    • Topnotch

    • Surestart

    • Resicore

Farmers in the United States purchase over $10 billion worth of crop protection products every year. The federal government states that our farmers are being overcharged because Syngenta and Corteva have enacted “loyalty programs” for the purpose of excluding cheaper generic products in the market. The effect of the loyalty programs is to reduce competition and permit Syngenta and Corteva to charge inflated prices to U.S. farmers.


WDD is investigating and prosecuting these claims. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at or (816) 945-7110.

Williams Dirks Dameron
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