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Realtors Class Action

Williams Dirks Dameron filed a lawsuit on behalf of owners of Toyota Sienna Minivans with defective power sliding doors. The Complaint was filed on June 14, 2017, in the Western District of Missouri.

The Complaint alleges that all 2011-2016 Siennas have defective power sliding doors that can be overloaded, jammed and/or stuck, causing the door to open while the vehicle is moving. Toyota issued a recall and instructed all class owners to to cease use of the power sliding doors but has offered no repair. Thus the suit alleges that owners of the vehicles are not able to use the power sliding door function and are not provided the warranty coverage promised.


If you own a 2011-2016 Toyota Sienna and have experienced problems with the power sliding doors or are without the use of the power sliding door due to the recall, contact Williams Dirks Dameron at (816) 945-7110 or

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