Confidential Settlement — $2.8 million settlement of FLSA dispute for servers and bartenders at restaurant chain.

Confidential Settlement — Settlement on behalf of class of auto-part delivery drivers.

Confidential Settlement — Settlement of FLSA misclassification class action in software industry.

Confidential Settlement — Nationwide certification of wage and hour class action on behalf of CVS/Caremark customer service representatives.

Stockdall v. TG Investments, Inc.Williams Dirks Dameron LLC makes national news in getting summary judgment for its clients and defeating hotel’s “baseless” counterclaims against workers seeking overtime.

Confidential Settlement — Certification of class action on behalf of Fogle restaurant customers.

Confidential Settlement — $18 million settlement of FLSA dispute on behalf of banking industry employees.

Confidential Settlement — Settlement of FLSA misclassification class action in software industry.

Confidential Settlement — $1 million settlement of collective action in telecommunications industry.

Confidential Settlement — $500,000 settlement for overtime pay to workers in tech industry.

Garcia, et. al. v. Tyson Foods, Inc. et. al. — Eric tried this case before a Kansas jury who found in favor of a class of workers at Tyson’s Holcomb, Kansas beef packing plant.  The plaintiffs alleged they were not paid for the time they spent putting on and taking off protective clothing and gear and the time they spent walking throughout the huge meat processing facilities.  The plaintiffs won a major victory in defeating Tyson’s bid for summary judgment and the U.S. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed Tyson’s appeal after extensive briefing on the issue.  The trial court granted class and collective action certification of a class of approximately 5,000 workers.  In March 2011, a federal jury in Kansas found against Tyson Foods and Tyson Fresh Meats for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Kansas Wage Payment Act (KWPA) and awarded classwide damages.In re Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Overtime Pay Litigation — Eric represented a class of loan originators who were classified as ineligible for overtime pay. The case lasted more than four years and included an appeal taken by Wells Fargo to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The case settled for $20 million in 2010.In re Wells Fargo Loan Processor Overtime Litigation — Eric represented a class of non-exempt team members who allege they were not fully compensated for the time they spent working for Wells Fargo. In August 2011, the case concluded with a confidential settlement in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.Overlap, Inc. v. A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc. — Eric tried this case before a Jackson County, Missouri jury who awarded approximately $7.1 million (pre-merger) to a computer software developer for breach of contract, fraud and negligent misrepresentation.  Plaintiff Overlap, Inc. claimed that A.G. Edwards violated its software license agreement by loading the software on more than fifty computers and then making the reports from the software available to all of its stock brokers.  The plaintiff further alleged that the defendant had misrepresented the nature and extent of its use of the software.  At trial, Overlap, Inc., argued that A.G. Edwards knew that it was prohibited from sharing the reports generated by the software with its brokers, but nevertheless continued to use it in such a manner without telling plaintiff.  Defendant A.G. Edwards argued that the terms of the software license agreement permitted its use of the software.  The trial lasted eight days and after two hours of deliberation, the jury found in favor of plaintiff Overlap.  Among the jury’s awards was a punitive damages award for $2.3 million.

Confidential Settlement Against Nationwide Bank — Eric obtained a $24 million settlement in 2012 on behalf of a group of bank workers.

Confidential Settlement Involving Automotive Wrongful Death — Eric obtained a $600,000 settlement for a woman whose mother died as a result of a tragic car accident.

Perry v. National City — Eric represented a certified class of current and former loan officers employed by National City Bank in a wage and hour collective action pending in the Southern District of Illinois.  In  2007, the Honorable David H. Herndon certified a collective action consisting of approximately 4,500 current and former National City loan officers.  After extensive summary judgment and related briefing, the parties reached a Court-approved class settlement in the amount of $27.5 million.

Levy Premium Foodservice v. Ehlert Development Corp. — Eric obtained a settlement in a case involving a breach of contract dispute between the Kansas City T-Bones and their former food service provider, Levy Restaurants. The case was pending in Kansas state court before it was successfully resolved in 2007.

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