Unpaid Wages

“A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.” This is what Franklin Roosevelt observed as a fundamental underpinning of our economy in 1937. As a result, Congress enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). The FLSA ensures that you should be paid for ALL of your work and should be paid a premium for ALL overtime work. As Kansas City, Missouri, labor law lawyers, we strive to protect these rights.

Our Labor Law Lawyers Can Help Protect Your Rights.

Many employees who are entitled to unpaid wages for overtime, commissions, and vacation time are not receiving these wages. If you are working more than 40 hours per week but are not being paid for it, contact our labor law attorneys today — you may be entitled to unpaid wages. Even if you are an office worker and are paid on a salary, you may still be entitled to unpaid wages for overtime. Workers in numerous industries including banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, television production, commissioned sales, and independent contractors may  be eligible for unpaid wages. Individuals who have unpaid vacation days and unpaid commissions may also be eligible for additional pay.

However, it is important to remember you won’t know if you qualify without seeking counsel from labor law lawyers. Furthermore, our lawyers may be able to help individuals in the following fields:

Industries That Qualify for Help From Our Labor Law Lawyers:

  • Lending – Loan officers working overtime are eligible for overtime pay despite being paid on commissions. Need legal aid? Call our lawyers.

  • Assistant Managers – Assistant managers paid on a salary are often entitled to overtime pay.

  • IT Workers – IT workers, such as help desk workers who are paid on a salary, are usually entitled to overtime wages. Don’t lose out on money, call our labor law lawyers.

  • Installers – Individuals who work long days and weeks, installing furniture, cable, windows, doors, etc. are entitled to overtime pay. Need legal assistance? Our lawyers can help!

  • Waiters and Bartenders – Individuals earning tips who are required to spend more than 20 percent of their time performing non-tipped duties are entitled to minimum wages. If you are not currently receiving this, allow for our labor attorneys to assist you.

  • Call Center Workers – Call center workers who are required to spend large amounts of unpaid “prep-time” are entitled to unpaid wages, too.

  • Commissioned Salespersons – Commissioned Salespersons are routinely entitled to commissions that are not paid. To ensure that you receive these funds, contact a labor law lawyer.

  • Independent Contractors – Individuals labeled as “independent contractors” are routinelabor law lawyersly entitled to overtime despite being classified as an independent contractor.

Let Our Labor Law Lawyers Help You Today.

If you believe you are being treated unfairly and are owed unpaid wages, contact the experienced Kansas City, Missouri, labor law lawyers of Williams Dirks Dameron LLC today at (816) 945-7110 — we can help.

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