Employment Retaliation

William Dirks Dameron LLC is a labor law firm in Kansas City that deals with employment retaliation, an adverse action taken against an employee because he or she complained about harassment, discrimination, health and safety violations, or some other violation of workplace law.  “Adverse action” can mean several things, including but not limited to demotion, firing, salary reduction, changes in job assignment, or hostility. Because this definition can be very broad, and because potential liability for retaliation is similarly broad, it is more important than ever to receive experienced, quality legal advice when pursuing a retaliation claim from a labor law firm. When it comes to employee retaliation, take no chances — contact a labor law firm immediately.

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At Williams Dirks Dameron LLC, an experienced labor law firm in Kansas City, we work with clients who are filing discrimination or harassment complaints and their employers to prevent employment retaliation that an unrepresented employee might suffer. When you have become a victim of cruel workplace activity, a labor law firm can help.

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