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Because it is important to file workplace mistreatment complaints correctly and within a limited time frame, an experienced employment lawyer is absolutely necessary. Some laws require that a claim must first be made to a state or federal agency before it can be heard in court. In other situations it is very important to consider under which laws (State or Federal, for example) a case should proceed to receive the most effective and efficient result. Williams Dirks Dameron LLC  has attorneys who are experts at navigating the complex details of employment law on behalf of employees.

Employment Lawyers

How do you know if you need an employment lawyer? We understand the employment law can be a complicated issue to deal with yourself. Wrongful termination, whistle blowing, denial of pregnancy/medical leave rights (FMLA), breach of contract are some areas of law that Williams Dirks Dameron LLC, will pursue with the best interests of the employee at heart.

To find out if your situation warrants legal action, use our Contact Us form or call (816) 876-2600 to request a free case evaluation. Our employment lawyers will answer your questions and assess your case. If we determine that we are not a good fit for your needs, we will be pleased to refer you to a qualified attorney or firm that is!


Discrimination is defined as treating a person or group of people differently at their job because of their race, color, age, gender, or ethnic origin. This can occur in any aspect of the workplace, from the hiring process to promotions and terminations. Let our employment lawyers help you today. Read more →

Sexual Harassment

You have the right to a workplace in which you feel safe and comfortable. Sexual harassment gets in the way of this, creating an environment that is threatening and hostile. Sexual Harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature in the workplace. Let the experts at Williams Dirks Dameron LLC  help you fight to have a safe work environment. Read more →


Retaliation is adverse action taken against an employee because they complained about harassment, discrimination, health and safety violations, or some other violation of workplace law.You have the right to file a complaint about discrimination without worrying about negative consequences from your employer. Our knowledgeable employment lawyers will help you decide if retaliation is what you have been facing. Read more →

Unpaid Wages

“A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.” This is what Franklin Roosevelt called the fundamental underpinning of our economy in 1937. As a result, Congress enacted the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA ensures that you should be paid for ALL of your work and should be paid a premium for ALL overtime work. Our experienced employment lawyers will help fight for your rights. Read more →

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