Class Action Lawsuit

class action lawsuitIn a class action lawsuit we represent workers who have not been paid their fair wages, including unpaid overtime and commissions. We also represent consumers who are victims of fraudulent billing and other unfair business practices. At Williams Dirks Dameron LLC, we understand that sometimes you have been harmed but that the amount you are asking for is too small to bring your own individual case. The solution? In these situations, a class action lawsuit can help balance the scales by joining the many consumers or workers together against a large company. Oftentimes, unfair bills, defective products, and unpaid wages can be brought together with the claims of others. The important thing to remember in these unjust situations is that there is help; it is just one call away.

We Can Help

The skilled lawyers at our law firm have represented consumers and workers in numerous class action lawsuits nationwide. In fact, we have helped recover millions for these individuals and have taken on Fortune 100 companies of all types including large banks, drug makers, and service providers. More importantly, by standing up to unfair business practices, you can help put a stop to those poor business practices in the future.

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If you believe you have suffered an injury that is happening to yourself and others, a class action lawsuit may be what you need.  Our experienced attorneys will answer your questions and assess your case.  

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