Business Disputes

Choosing a business lawyer that you trust is an essential component of running a successful company. Every business has different needs, and a good business lawyer can help to navigate the complexities of the legal system in a way that makes sense for what your company really does.

At our Kansas City, Missouri, office, we are a team of professional and dedicated business lawyers ready to guide you through every step of your business’s legal process. Our skilled business lawyers can assist businesses with contract and license disputes, copyright and trademark issues, franchise matters, and other litigation.

We understand that your Kansas City business may have a winning case but that you don’t want to pay a traditional firm by the hour. Instead, our expert business lawyers can represent you on a contingency basis, where you pay no legal fees unless we ultimately recover for your business. Additionally, we recognize that many business disputes should be resolved early in the process and should never go to a costly and invasive trial. Because of this, our business lawyers will work with you to determine the path that makes the most sense, so you can focus on your Kansas City, Missouri, business.

Our Skilled Business Lawyers Can Help

We want your company to benefit from our years of experience. Our business lawyers have represented numerous companies — both large and small — over their careers. We have represented start-up technology companies, manufacturers, and brick-and-mortar business corporations of all types. We routinely represent the small business against a larger company that is attempting to take advantage of the company’s size. Our seasoned lawyers enjoy helping you in your personal “David versus Goliath” business situation. Given our background as large-firm lawyers, we are able to balance the scales against a larger business that can hire expensive business lawyers.

We look forward to discussing the many options that are in your company’s best interest. Our experienced attorneys will answer your questions and assess your case. If we determine that our business lawyers are not a good fit for your needs, we will be pleased to refer you to a qualified attorney or agency!

To discuss your important business dispute, use our Contact Us form or call our Kansas City, Missouri, office at (816) 945-7110.