Attorney Profiles

At our Kansas City, Missouri, law office, we are dedicated to providing the best quality legal services in the area. How is this achieved? A winning team with skilled lawyers. At Williams Dirks Dameron LLC of Kansas City, that is exactly what we have — talented and skilled professionals working together for a cause. Additionally, our legal services pack more punch than larger firms, because each of our practicing attorneys cares about the well-being of the individuals and businesses we represent. Need some convincing? Get to know us better.

Meet Our Legal Services Team


Michael Williams

Principal Attorney

When it comes to legal services, Michael Williams specializes in employment disputes and is committed to helping victims regain their livelihood and their peace of mind.


Eric Dirks

Principal Attorney

Eric L. Dirks is AV Rated

Eric Dirks represents workers and consumers in class actions, as well as businesses and victims of personal injury accidents.


Matthew L. Dameron

Principal Attorney

Matt Dameron represents workers and consumers in class actions, as well as businesses and victims of personal injury accidents.


John Doyle

Associate Attorney

John Doyle represents individuals in employment disputes, workers and consumers in class actionsbusinesses and victims of personal injury accidents.


Jordan Baehr

Associate Attorney

Jordan is an associate at Williams Dirks Dameron, where he represents clients on both a contingency and hourly basis in discrimination and harassment cases, class actions, and contract, consumer, and commercial litigation.


Kevin McManus


Kevin represents individuals and businesses in a variety of matters, ranging from complex commercial litigation to personal injury claims.


Jennifer Hubbard

Of Counsel

Jennifer Hubbard helps people who have suffered discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on their race, color, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, or religion.


Claire Terrebonne

Of Counsel

Claire represents individuals, classes and businesses in copyright and trademark, wage and hour and consumer litigation, as well as other matters.

Learn More About Our Legal Services

Because our lawyers provide different legal services, you can rest assured that when you or your business partners with our The Kansas City, Missouri, law firm, we have your legal needs covered. No matter how big or small your case may be, we fight for cases we believe in.

For details about our legal services, contact our Kansas City, Missouri, office at (816) 876-2600 — we look forward to serving you.